The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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End 2 End Zero Trust™

RESILIANT End to End Zero Trust™ is the total integration of RESILIANT ID™ with RESILIANT Zero Trust Zone™.

A continuous Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) software solution is the foundational component of ANY Zero Trust solution. RESILIANT ID™ enables the right individual to access the right applications and services at the right time, for the right reason. Are you who you claim to be and what are you permitted to access?

RESILIANT Zero Trust Zone™ protects specific applications and services providing who can access what, where, when, and for how long based upon the credentials issued in RESILIANT ID™. The Zero Trust Zone envelopes and cloaks critical applications and services in a specified Trust Zone so they are ONLY accessible to those who have the appropriate credential to access them. Anyone else will not even see the Applications and Services within the Trust Zone.