The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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Identity Access Management

Zero Trust Zone Security Perimeter

Identity Access Management (IAM) is the foundation of a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity. Fixed network perimeters are no longer effective to secure assets that are spread across multiple clouds. Digital Risk Management (DRM) and the transition to a Zero Trust approach moves security from perimeter-based to identity-based protections of data and services. Zero Trust architecture must address everything from the End User to specific applications and services and must be able to define who has access to what, when where and how. These credentials identify authorized users on authenticated devices and RESILIANT ID serves as the decision point, informing the gateway regarding which users are identified to pass through the Gateway to the RESILIANT TRUST ZONE™. RESILIANT separates the control plan from the data plane and dynamically enforces access to applications or services sitting inside the RESILIANT TRUST ZONE™. Verify and Authenticate identity BEFORE Access – to prevent hacking, ransomware and resist attacks.

With RESILIANT Zero Trust Zone Protected Perimeter, all network attacks are blocked by allowing ONLY authorized, verified end users permissioned access to the protected application or service contained within the Trust Zone(s).


RESILIANT Zero Trust Zone™ protects specific applications and services through ICAM which provides who can access what, where, when, and for how long based upon the credentials issued in RESILIANT IdNFT™ (worldwide patent).


Critical applications and services in a Trust Zone are enveloped and cloaked and are ONLY accessible to those who have the appropriate identifiers to access them.


Anyone else will not even see the applications and services within the Trust Zone.


Unlike VPNs, Anti-Malware, Multi-Factor Authentication solutions, ONLY RESILIANT End to End Zero Trust™ provides a truly complete and integrated Zero Trust Solution.