The Resiliant solution is designed to mitigate all risks associated with ID Verification while relieving the burden of having to store user’s private data safely and securely.

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Our Story


Since 2019, we have been developing and building a digital secure unforgeable and reusable identity. The goal of this DSUid™ is to identify any human being in the digital world without sharing their information with the requester of the ID verification. We created a digital version of you, where only you decide who you share it with, and the requester has proof that it is in fact you. Our self-sovereign identity technology moves control and ownership of digital identity from third party "identity providers" directly to individuals. The DSUid™ patent was filed in March 2019.

End2End Zero Trust™

The RESILIANT story started in 2008 with Waverley Labs, our development lab and leading provider of Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions for the Federal Government. Waverley Labs was founded by Juanita Koilpillai (1963-2021), a luminary in computer security and network management for over 30 years. Waverley Labs SDP gateway is the result of over 5 years R&D and has proven to hide and protect services even during cyber attacks. In 2021, this SDP security solution was grouped together with our patented and unique identity management technology and RESILIANT was born. In honor of Juanita’s vision, RESILIANT is positioned for rapid growth as a deny-all, authenticate first solution to help organizations transition to a zero-trust approach, modernize legacy applications, and protect against the evolving threat landscape.


Interoperability, Privacy and User Consent are the IdNFT™ foundation principles. Our patented IdNFT™ shares the same characteristics of a non-forgeable token (NFT) - security, identity uniqueness, and non-fungibility. The usage of this IdNFT™ by consumers and employees helps them prove that they are who they say they are, linking them to any other identifying representation of them including their social security number, banking and payment credentials, tax records, diplomas, and patient records and so on. We believe RESILIANT IdNFT™ will revolutionize the way we identify and protect ourselves in the digital world and Web 3.0

Self-Sovereign Identity & Web 3.0 Ready

User Identity is private property. IdNFT™ is the only blockchain Digital ID that protects user movement and access to services and applications in a virtual environment. Our vision is fluid interoperable day to day self-sovereign identification across multiple inquiries without the constant threat of private data breaches and unauthorized intrusions. Our technology accelerates the digital economy by protecting businesses and government from fraud and ransomware while maintaining respect for the privacy of the end user.

To date, we are the only blockchain Digital ID

Blockchain technology increases security for digital transactions and helps enterprise stay compliant with privacy regulations.


Marc Duthoit

Founder & CEO

Victoria Cerrone


Eric Eva-Candela


Enrico Lamberti

VP of Sales USA

Eric Pepin

Canada Country Manager

Mike Webb

UK Country Manager

Doris Benoudiz


Daniel Baloche

VP Channel Sales

Paul Swinton

Cybersecurity Chief Engineer

Advisors & Board Members

TJ White

Vice Admiral (ret.)

Vice Admiral TJ White is a 30-plus-year national security practitioner, strategist, and cyber operations expert leading joint military formations and combined intelligence community organizations. He has commanded at all levels within the Navy and Joint Service, most recently as United States Fleet Cyber Command / TENTH Fleet / Navy Space Command, and previously the Commander of the United States Cyber National Mission Force.

Bruce Crawford

LT General (ret.)

Lieutenant General (Retired) Bruce T. Crawford is an inspired, thought leader of character with over 35 years of leadership, executive management, national security, enterprise information technology (IT) and cybersecurity experience.

Dr Anupam Shah

Cyber Security Expert

Dr. Shah worked at SAIC for past 27 years in various leadership roles. He spent recent five years at the State Department as Chief Architect on SAIC’s contract for the Department’s IT infrastructure covering 250+ worldwide locations. He helped modernize the Department’s IT infrastructure through systemic integration of technology, services, policies, and governance while complying with complex cyber security requirements. 

Paul Kievit


Thought and accomplished Executive business leader and technology strategist with extensive experience in the IT and Networking, Security and Enterprise Software industry for over 30 years, working in Executive leadership positions at Global leading ICT vendors such as Lucent, Avaya, Philips and NEC, both in EMEA as in USA, LATAM and Far East.

Bjorn Brynjulfsson

Non Executive Board member


Non Executive Board member

Business leader, results- and team-oriented, has successfully managed P&L’s in high-value Software & Services; has taken responsibility for the strategic development, financial performance and reputation. He served as CEO and Exec VP of public companies like Axway, Unisys, IBM, CGI, SFR.